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Etern was awarded the Suzhou Mayor’s Quality Award
  After receiving the honors of National Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, National Intellectual Property Leading Enterprise, Suzhou Proprietary Brand Enterprise and Leading Enterprise Advanced Technology Research Institute, etc., Jiangsu Etern Company
Etern group headquarters’ groundbreaking ceremony was successfully Held
On the morning of April 15, 2018, our headquarters building breaking-ground ceremony was held at the Donggudang edge of the Fenhu High-tech Zone in Wujiang District. Wujiang District leaders Li Ming,
Etern was invited to participate in TOEM cable sheathing material specification conference
  On April 10, the conference on the technical specification of optical cable sheathing, sponsored by the TOEM market and technical forum, was successfully held in Shantou. The conference was organize
  • Yongding Receives Suzhou Mayor Quality Award

  • The opening ceremony of Yongding Group headquarters building was successfully held

  • Yongding was invited to participate in the TOEM fiber cable sheathing material technical specification seminar

Stock of Jiangsu Etern Company Limited

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