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About Us

  Depending on the enterprise spirit of " The sincerity carries the trust and never ends", we are continuously reforming and improving the management idea, and have built good enterprise image based on the honesty attitude of being responsible to society, enterprise, customer and employees. The development of our brand is transmitting a unique brand culture belonging to this enterprise all the time. It is our development train of thought and principle to build “A Centennial Company " by honesty and credibility. The company has won many honors such as "One of China’s Top 100 Electronic Information Companies", "One of China’s Top 100 Electronic Component Companies", "One of China’s Top 500 Private Enterprises ", "One of China’s Top 500 Private Manufacturers ", "One of China’s Top 500 Most Valuable Brands", "One of China’s Optical Fiber and Cable Gold Enterprises", "One of China’s High and New Technology Enterprises", "One of China’s Advanced Quality Management Enterprises", "Jiangsu Province AAA Credit Rating Enterprise", "Jiangsu Province Civilized Unit" and so on.  We are not only a well-known trademark in China, but also a brand of international recognition.
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