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Etern group headquarters’ groundbreaking ceremony was successfully Held

On the morning of April 15, 2018, our headquarters building breaking-ground ceremony was held at the Donggudang edge of the Fenhu High-tech Zone in Wujiang District. Wujiang District leaders Li Ming,
  On the morning of April 15, 2018, our headquarters building breaking-ground ceremony was held at the Donggudang edge of the Fenhu High-tech Zone in Wujiang District。 Wujiang District leaders Li Ming, Wu Qi, our company executives Mo Lindi, Mo Siming, Zhao Peijie and Wu Zhigang attended the ceremony。 Also present at the ceremony were the relevant leaders of the District Development and Reform Commission, the District Committee Office, the District Government Office, the Land Administration Bureau, the Housing and Construction Bureau, the Planning Bureau, the Civil Defense Bureau, and the relevant departments of the Fenhu High-tech Zone。
  "Forty years ago, China ushered in reform and opening up," said Mr. Mo Lindi, chairman of our group company at the groundbreaking ceremony
  At the groundbreaking ceremony, the chairman of Etern Group, Mr. Mo Lindi said: “Forty years ago, China ushered in reform and opening up. At the same time, Jiangsu Etern Company Limited was also founded in Fenhu and Wujiang. This land in Fenhu and Wujiang gave the company enough nutrients for its growth and development. Soon, a brand-new group headquarters building will be built up here, which will be a new starting point, but also a new home for our company. The new headquarters will continue to accompany our sustainable development and the pace of innovation, to witness the new chapter of the development of Etern in the new era.”
  Mr。 Wu Qi, deputy district chief, said at the ceremony that Etern Group has written a brilliant chapter with strength and innovation, and has made important contributions to the economic and social development of Wujiang and Fenhu。 As a local government, it will also be more open-minded and active as a good "servant" for the development of enterprises to create a perfect development environment and provide high-quality and efficient government services。
  The subsequent groundbreaking ceremony was simple and grand. Wujiang District leader Mr. Li Ming, Mr. Wu Qi, the chairman of Etern Group Mr. Mo Lindi, General manager Mr. Mo Siming, and Deputy general manager Wu Zhigang held the golden shovel to commence the construction of the headquarters.
  The new headquarters building, which is funded by Jiangsu Etern Group Company Limited, is located on the north island of donggudang in fenhu with a building area of 17,100 square meters。 After the completion of the project, it will become a landmark building of the company to house the office and research center。 Founded in 1978, Etern is the first group of private enterprises in Jiangsu Province to develop in synch with China's reform and opening-up, and is also the first listed company in China's optical cable industry。 After 40 years of hard work and development, Etern has become a multi-industry conglomerate with communications technology, overseas project, automobile industry and superconducting industry as its core。 It’s industry and brand have already stepped out of the country to be recognized by the world。
  As the government expects, Etern Grou[ will continue to follow the general trend of development, be innovative and enterprising, and strive to become a demonstration benchmark for the high-quality development of Chinese private enterprises。
Mo Lindi, chairman of the chairman of Yongding group
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